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I ponder what overwatering means. I purchased a houseplant lately, and a few details about its care that I discovered on the Web stated to be “cautious to not overwater.” Now I am afraid so as to add numerous water once I water it. Assist! – Nancy Roberts.

Persons are typically confused and frightened relating to watering vegetation in containers. The time period “on the water” means conserving the soil too moist for an prolonged interval. It isn’t decided by how a lot water you apply if you water. You can’t overwater with one watering. You’ll be able to apply a gallon of water to the pot, and the surplus will merely circulate out of the drainage holes.

It is a waste of time and water, and might leach out vitamins, however it does not hurt the plant so long as the soil drains effectively. If, nonetheless, you apply a quart of water every day and the soil stays persistently moist, it’s overwatering.

This may result in unhealthy roots and even root rot. Soil that continues to be continually moist from frequent watering robs the roots of the oxygen they want. Water frequently fills the pores of the soil, driving out the air. So, over-watering does not rely a lot on how a lot water you apply if you water, however it has much more to do with over-watering.

Figuring out how typically to water depends upon how rapidly the soil dries up and a plant’s water preferences. When watering, at all times apply sufficient water to empty from the drainage holes. This manner you understand you may have moist the complete root ball. Vegetation that favor to remain evenly moist, just like the peace lily (Spathiphyllum), needs to be watered once more when the soil floor is dry (for bigger pots, when the highest inch of the soil is dry if you put the soil in it. finger). Most houseplants favor to dry out barely between waterings.

For them, wait till the soil appears dry and is dry if you dig your finger into the soil. For those who’re unsure that you must water, wait a day or two. It’s higher to water too little – a plant can get better from gentle wilt – than an excessive amount of and trigger a lethal root rot an infection.

For vegetation that favor to dry out between waterings, corresponding to cacti and succulents, enable the soil to dry out virtually to the underside of the pot earlier than watering. Utilizing a probe corresponding to a picket dowel will be helpful for bigger pots.

Some common guidelines:

  • Vegetation in small pots dry sooner than vegetation in giant pots.
  • Vegetation in clay pots are inclined to dry out sooner than vegetation in plastic or glass pots.
  • Vegetation open air are inclined to dry out sooner than vegetation indoors, and people uncovered to the solar dry sooner than these within the shade.
  • Vegetation which have stuffed their pots with roots or are tied in pots dry sooner than vegetation that aren’t.

Espresso grounds can be utilized in a backyard, however what about leftover liquid espresso? Is it good for potted greens? Additionally, can we use tea luggage? I’ve by no means heard of tea utilized in a backyard. – Joann Gambino.

Espresso grounds (and filters) and tea luggage are nice additions to a compost heap. If desired, they may even be dug immediately right into a mattress and allowed to decompose there. Though the quantities generated by most family conditions are small, espresso grounds and tea luggage can add useful natural matter and mineral vitamins to the soil. However I might simply pour in any leftover brewed espresso or tea. I do not suppose it could damage something should you poured it right into a potted vegetable (so long as it was recent), however I do not see any main profit. Additionally, when it exits by means of the drainage holes, it will probably stain the floor the pot sits on.

I am placing grass and meals on my garden this weekend. I have already got weeds within the yard. Ought to I spray with a southern garden weedkiller first? – James Anderson

You’ll be able to apply a weed killer to manage weeds in your garden together with garden fertilizer now – weed and forage. Or, you possibly can apply a weedkiller individually from the fertilizer after which apply garden fertilizer with out the weedkiller in it. However you do not have to use a garden weedkiller after which apply a weed and meals. It is a double dose of garden weedkiller.

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