There are ways to limit plant and lawn stress as drought conditions worsen in mid Michigan

FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) – (6/10/21) – Drought conditions continue to worsen in central Michigan and the state.

You may be wondering what we can do to save our lawns and gardens.

With water tariffs through the roof, it can be costly to keep your grass looking beautiful and green.

However, there are ways to manage these dry bone conditions.

Nearly 30% of the state and much of central Michigan is currently in the grip of a severe drought.

It’s wreaking havoc on plants and lawns that were thriving earlier this spring.

“I told my husband that we were going to have to start watering it or that the grass was going to die because we didn’t see any rain. And, you know, for two days, I’ve been waiting for the rain. The clouds will turn gray, but no rain will ever come, ”said Alicia Fordham, resident of Le Grand Blanc.

Genesee County Parks Horticulturist Brian Van Patten says you have to choose your battles.

“Choose your plants wisely. A good example is the selection of native species. They offer many ecological benefits as well as beautification.

Native plants also learn to adapt as conditions change over time.

Some good choices are Mountain Mint or Prairie Blazing Star.

Van Patten also has a great tip when it comes to lawns.

“For me, the priority is not so much the maintenance of the lawn as it is your perennials, your shrubs and your trees. We are investing a little more in our trees and shrubs.

Lawns can bounce back after the rain returns, while plants need more attention – this is where you should be focusing in the short term.

Flowers can start to wither quickly if left unattended for too long.

But, if you’re watering, you want to do it the right way, according to Jennifer Hunter, senior designer at Superior Lawn & Landscape.

“So the way you water efficiently is really deep water and lots of it at the root of the plant. This will ensure that everything gets to the root system. And then you also want to make sure your plants are heavily mulched to keep that moisture in place. “>

Soaking hoses can provide this slow release of water.

Speaking of water, lawns need about 20 minutes, or three times a week, to stay green.

Sadly, Mother Nature won’t be delivering much over the next couple of weeks.

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