The 13 best lasting gifts for the home cook in your life

The holidays are all about generosity and goodwill, and what better way to celebrate the season than with lasting gifts that also give back to the planet? Although the looming climate crisis is not the the most cheerful The holiday party conversation starter, the point is, Americans produce over 25 million tons of extra waste every year from Thanksgiving to New Years. We all have a responsibility to take care of our planet, that’s why we got you let’s help go the green lane with this range of 11 eco-friendly tree planting and waste reduction gift ideas. For added credit, try putting your gifts in reusable tote bags rather than wrapping them in gift wrap and swapping plastic-coated ribbons for biodegradable cotton twine. For Christmas stockings, wrap small items in decorative beeswax food wrap, which can be used over and over again in the kitchen in place of plastic wrap. Whatever you decide to do, environmentally friendly packaging is only as good as the contents inside. So here are our picks for the best sustainable gifts for an eco-friendly holiday season:

Preserve your leftovers from an untimely end with this handy vacuum system. This starter set comes with an adorable mini vacuum pump, reusable zip bags, and dishwasher-safe storage containers designed to slow spoilage and keep food fresh for up to five times longer. Writer Alex Beggs even swears it keeps his avocado halves from turning brown. It’s a great gift for all types of cooks, from bread brothers who can’t stand throwing in another stale sourdough, to parents who cook meals and want Thursday apple slices to be as crispy as they are. were on Monday.

This set of seven bowls features all the benefits of plastic – fun colors, durability, no chance of a metallic aroma – without the planet-destroying drawbacks. They’re made from recycled bamboo fibers bound with 15% melamine (a food-safe organic compound), and they will degrade in a landfill in 22 years. The baker in your life won’t want to throw them away, however; they’re deeper than the average mixing bowl, making them both an aesthetic appeal and a splash-free whisk.

Designed for aspiring green thumbs without garden access, this compact countertop planter features built-in grow lights and an automatic watering tank, eliminating the guesswork of growing fresh herbs and vegetables at home. Watching little basil and lettuce leaves sprout from their pods makes us feel more connected to the earth, even from our cramped Brooklyn apartments. It is perfect for keeping single use plastic shells of wilted herbs out of your kitchen and, subsequently, out of our oceans.

Indoor garden in gray with yellow peppers growing

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3

Treat yourself to a good meal with this box of certified sustainable seafood. Containing only wild fish processed close to the source to reduce emissions, Vital Choice subscription packages are a great choice for high quality wild salmon, halibut and tuna, and more. Each box also includes three seasoning blends and a beautifully light fish broth for spectacular soups and stews.

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A trendy tote makes a great gift for the friend who is interested in sustainable fashion, and this one is ideal for a day at the park or a trip to the farmers market. It has pockets, which means you can safely store a (reusable) water bottle or silicone coffee mug and keep your phone, keys and wallet easily accessible. Junes’ special Bio-Knit fabric is produced with post-consumer plastic bottles and an innovative material called CiCLO, which makes plastic fibers biodegradable with a little help from natural microbes.

Dealing with extra food waste from vacation dinners can be stressful, but this cute compost bin is a great way to keep kitchen scraps out of sight while relieving the eco-conscious mind. Equipped with an easy-to-clean removable liner and anti-odor charcoal filters, this sleek, coated steel bin is as discreet as it is durable, blending into most kitchen décor. Just make sure the kids don’t confuse it with the cookie jar!

If you’re looking for an inexpensive Christmas stocking or a unique gift for all of your work friends, the answer is beans. Dried beans reign supreme for experienced chefs, and beginners will have the added gift of learning how to cook them. Tepary beans have been cultivated for generations by the indigenous Akimel O’odham and Tohono O’odham people in the Sonoran Desert, and for good reason, they are extremely drought and heat resistant, which means that they are a low impact culture. able to survive high temperatures. Supporting Indigenous land stewardship is one of the best (and most sustainable) ways to spend your money, and on a culinary note, we can confirm that these beans are creamy and delicious, perfect for anything from a salad. from summer beans to a warming fall chili. .

Ramona Farms White Tparis Beans

Before testing Vejibags, we thought reusable product bags were a slightly greedy kitchen luxury. However, we have improved them in the kitchen need. Never again will the recipient you have chosen compost with discouragement his slimy or dried cilantro! And for us, a head of Boston lettuce – which normally wilts in the fridge within days – stayed nice and crisp even after a week and a half inside the Vejibag, which is made from non-toxic, non-toxic organic cotton. dye. It’s science, but it looks like magic.

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Vejibag vegetable storage bag

A perfect gift for any girl in your life, this reusable wooden gift set is packed with spicy and tangy goodness: three stunner sauces: shiny habanero and carrot, earthy ghost pepper and jalapeño (our favorite), and tangy California harvester and pineapple. —Plus harvester-infused flower honey and a blend of ghost pepper and pink Himalayan salt. What makes it an ecological gift? Fuego Box has pledged to plant five trees for every crate purchased to cool the planet while spicing things up.

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Fuego Box Hot Sauce Gift Box

Society has surpassed the need for sponges, which harbor so much bacteria that they need to be replaced every two weeks and can take hundreds of years to decompose. It’s time to ditch those grubby dish sponges and grab this awesome six-piece kitchen brush gift set from German company Redecker. Beautifully crafted from untreated beech wood with stiff plant-fiber bristles, these sturdy compostable brushes are so chic they almost make us want to volunteer for the after-dinner dishes. Almost.

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Compostable Kitchen Brush Set

These gorgeous drinking glasses aren’t just green. Each tumbler is hand blown from 100% recycled materials, and the Oaxaca-based Xaquixe Glass Studio uses renewable energy sources – burnt cooking oil collected from local hotels and restaurants, to power their ovens, thus reducing their carbon footprint. Even if you choose to gift them in turquoise, fuchsia, or saffron, these glasses are as green as they get.

Bala Sarda’s family has been in the tea industry for over 80 years, and in addition to producing fresh and potent blends like Early Gray Chai, his company, Vahdam, also makes high quality tea accessories as pretty as functional. Considering that teabags are notoriously non-recyclable and nylon ones release microplastics right into your teacup, this pot’s built-in stainless steel steeping tube will help your loved one with the tea habit move on to loose leaf, which makes tea better in addition to being more durable. Vahdam is plastic and carbon neutral and invested in the communities where its teas are produced.

New Orleans-based design and build company GoodWood is on track to become completely zero waste by 2025. You can read its many sustainable practices here, but one of them is that they don’t let a single piece go to waste. So, with the wood scraps from their large-scale design, manufacturing and furnishing products, they produce high-quality and durable household items like this beautiful rolling pin, perfect for lovers of pies, cookies and of sugar cookies in your life. Its minimalist curved design is our favorite style to ensure even dough thickness.

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