tapestry: bring the bohemian vibe with these simple tips

Bohemian interior design is one of the trendiest interior decorations around. It’s minimalist and super eclectic and it’s one of those setups where there isn’t a lot of stuff around, just small rooms and centerpieces. Bohemian decor is all about texture and patterns. For those who have always wanted a slightly laid back space and a warm vibe, then this is the kind of decor you should try. You don’t have to buy expensive things to put this particular decor together. Everything you need to transform your basic place into a bohemian style. Interior designer Arshadeep Dhillon, share some practical advice for this type of interior design

1. Enhance your bed with a bohemian tapestry. Tapestries are very popular these days. A tapestry can completely change the look of your room. It is a great work of art that you can hang on the wall behind your bed. Mandala art or tribal art are popular patterns when it comes to tapestries

2. Wear the warm vibe with a neutral color palette and plush texture. You can add textures in several ways. You can use can baskets, bamboo trays, macrame accessories and more. Since the color scheme is all about whites and browns, adding texture with different elements can enhance the look of the space.

3. Bring lots of greenery in the middle of the relaxed but clean setting. Since the colors are very light, greenery will work great in contrast. You don’t need too many plants at once.

4. Add tons of pillows with macrame and vintage slipcovers. The warm ambience is incomplete without comfortable cushions and rugs. Add lots of plush cushions and soft throws. Use blankets that are vintage or have macrame art applied to them.

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