Moose Jaw’s Facebook Group Spreads Joy with ‘Plant Fairies’ Home Deliveries

Moose Jaw’s plant fairies spread flowers of joy by giving plant-related gifts to complete strangers via social media

Even though many of them are complete strangers, members of a local Facebook group in Moose Jaw bond to surprise each other with anonymous gifts of flowers and gardening supplies for one purpose: to spread some sunshine. in people’s lives.

Tammy Kohl is the current organizer of the Moose Jaw Plant Fairies group, which is in its second year of operation as a fully community-based idea.

She took over from the group’s original organizer, Jenny Chartier, who was one of the few architects to come up with the idea last year after the ‘wine ninja’ trend really took off – where people were delivering. anonymously care packages filled with alcohol and sweets. to friends, in order not to be seen.

“The general idea [of our group] is to choose an address where you want to give someone, a plant or a flower, and then put your name on the list so that someone else in the group may come and drop you a gift, ”explained Kohl .

In the same vein, this group decided to focus on flowers rather than alcohol, and Moose Jaw Plant Fairies were born.

“It’s really just a way to share a flower or a gift with a stranger,” Kohl said. “And it’s been really fun seeing what people have been good at.”

Deliveries have been really great so far, she continued, with the band members getting very creative about their giveaways.

Plants of all types have been traded so far, from floral flower arrangements and personally propagated houseplants, to gifts such as gardening care wrappers and even a hanging planter made from a bra.

“We saw beautiful perennials, flower baskets, gardening tools or ornaments for the garden, and many of them also put nice notes with their gifts, to encourage [the recipient] up, ”Kohl said.

Some fairies even dress up to keep the mystery alive, donning wings or donning inflatable dinosaur costumes for an added touch of fun.

Some fairies even dress up the party to deliver their gifts, like these two helpers. . By (provided)

Kohl said she had over 200 addresses listed this year and over 400 members in the social media group, with everyone sharing the positivity on every doorstep.

Some members even decided to only give gifts, Kohl said, and delivered to multiple addresses without asking to receive anything on their own front porch.

The group exists almost entirely on social media, but it still maintains a sense of community, Kohl said. In addition to her goal of spreading joy, she believes the Moose Jaw Plant Fairies have helped local members connect with each other around something completely healthy.

“It was so awesome to connect with these other women while they are messaging and sending their addresses and doing their deliveries,” Kohl said. “We are all exchanging words of encouragement and it has been truly rewarding.”

She also thinks it’s a good representation of how people are dealing with the continued limitations the pandemic has placed on everyone.

“I think people are more focused on trying to help others [right now], and so I think a lot of people are looking for ways to put a smile on someone’s face, ”Kohl said. “And that’s a very easy way to do it.”

She asks each recipient to send her a photo of her gift that she shares in the Facebook group, with no name attached, and they almost always come with an uplifting thank you message.

“For many [members], their favorite part is seeing what other people get, the different types of flowers, ”Kohl said. “And then people can also see the reaction to what they offered, which I know they like too.”

Although the group is no longer taking addresses for this year, Kohl said she was convinced there would be a lot of interest in continuing this new tradition in the future.

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