Installing a rain garden will help reduce the flow of water to storm sewers

EcoSuperior, Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay and United Way of Thunder Bay are teaming up to build a rain garden.


THUNDER BAY – June, July and August all recorded above average temperatures this summer. The months of July and August were also marked by much below average precipitation. As the days get hotter and drier, the conservation and proper treatment of rainwater becomes more and more important.

EcoSuperior, Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay and United Way of Thunder Bay are teaming up to build a rain garden at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore located at 660 Squire Street. Rain gardens are perennial, bowl-shaped gardens that capture runoff from hard surfaces such as roofs and parking lots during heavy rains. Eco-friendly stormwater management features like this help naturally absorb and filter stormwater pollutants before entering nearby streams and rivers, recharging groundwater and protecting water quality.

“We are thrilled to be working with Habitat for Humanity and the United Way of Thunder Bay on this project. Before this rain garden, 100% of the runoff from the administrative building of the ReStore flowed from the downspouts directly into the parking lot and was lost in the ditches and storm sewers nearby. Now, some of this runoff is diverted to landscaped space on the lawn. This means less runoff overloading storm sewers during rainstorms and more water slowly seeping into the ground, as nature intended, ”says Julia Prinselaar, program coordinator at EcoSuperior.

Lana Vukelic, CEO of Habitat for Humanity in Thunder Bay, explains: “The installation of this rain garden is an example of how organizations, municipalities and businesses can work together towards a common vision for our community. . This business helps us learn together and has a direct impact on how we interact with water in our neighborhoods. “

Rain gardens come in many shapes and sizes and can be designed to complement a variety of cityscapes. For more information on how you can build your own rain garden, contact EcoSuperior.

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