How to grow white pancake myrtle


How to grow white pancake myrtle


White crepe myrtle needs a lot of sunlight, look for the sunniest spots in your garden.


Most Australian climates are suitable as they are a drought tolerant plant.


White pancake myrtle oblige well-drained, rich soil, but will adapt to most conditions. If the soil is heavy or clay based, improve drainage by adding drywall and forcing well.

The water

When they are young, water regularly for the first 8 to 12 weeks until the plant is established. Then continue to water during dry spells until the plant develops a trunk. Once established because they are drought tolerant, a minimum of water is required.


Fertilize when planting to ensure good growth and great flowering, and again after new growth appears. Established trees don’t need much more than an annual supply of organic fertilizer, manure, or compost in the spring.


Prune the tree when planting to encourage new growth. IIn the fall, prune as soon as the leaves start to fall to prepare the plant for flowering and dense growth in summer. Or dead head after the first flowers to keep an elegant shape and promote a second flowering.


In summer, clusters of spectacular white crepe paper-like flowers will adorn your garden. Subsequently, the dark green leaves add even more interest as they turn into a rich bronze-red color in the fall. The bark is also characteristic as it ages with smooth bark speckled with brown and greyish on the larger branches and trunk.

white crepe myrtle close-up


Where to plant white crepe myrtle in your garden

Although small, this deciduous tree generates great interest throughout the year and will eventually grow to around 8m tall and 6m wide.

White crepe myrtle can be pruned into a bush or tree. Bush forms require little or no pruning and, therefore, develop their own natural form. But the lack of size leads to fewer flowering buds.

For a tree more distinct than a natural-looking bush, regular pruning is essential. Your efforts to cut the branches will lead to an abundance of flower heads.

Front yard

  • A characteristic plant for summer gardens.
  • Plants look exceptional en masse, planted along a fence or driveway.


  • Ideal for lightweight screens, topiaries, hedge planting and large containers.
  • Crepe Myrtle makes the perfect backyard edition as a single specimen plant and is widely used in municipal strips and common areas.

Recommended planting months by state:

  • NSW – Year round
  • ACT – All year round
  • SA – All year round

Recommended flowering months by state:

  • NSW – January, December, February
  • ACT – Jan, Dec, Feb
  • HER – Feb, Jan, Dec

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