Houseplants: “Virtually impossible to kill” plants – “flowers last for weeks in summer”

Summer is the perfect time for houseplants, but it’s also the time when they need the most attention. With people who want to travel in the summer and enjoy the sun, having plants that need constant care isn’t exactly ideal. Indoor plants provide several benefits, including improving mood and purifying the air. With so many types of houseplants to choose from, it can be difficult to know how much care each one needs. The gardening professionals at Stelrad have shared several “nearly impossible” plants to kill, including the Peace Lily plant and a spider plant.

Stelrad interior expert Chris Harvey explained, “Having plants in your home can help lift your mood and complement your room. If you want to follow Stacey Solomon and Mrs. Hinch’s steps, fake plants might be the easiest option (especially if you don’t have a green thumb), but there are some plants that are nearly impossible to kill.

Here are several plants that Stelrad experts have declared “virtually impossible to kill”.

The peace lily, known for its beautiful white flowers, is an easy-care houseplant.

Experts explained: “Perhaps one of the easiest plants to care for, it prefers direct sunlight, but can tolerate lower light levels.

“It produces a pretty white flower that can last for weeks in the summer.”

In summer, these plants should be fed fortnightly with liquid plant food, following the instructions on the back of the bottle.

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The experts said: “It is an extremely popular plant when it comes to decorating the house and it is also a plant that grows relatively quickly.

“They’re also quite adaptable, so they’ll be happy indoors or even in a shady outdoor space.

“They will need some indirect sunlight and a little water when the soil starts to dry out.”

Another plant that can be “forgotten” is the Fern Arum, better known as the ZZ plant.

It is especially popular because it will happily live in a dark place, which is unusual for a houseplant.

Stelrad said: “If you are looking for a plant that can be completely forgotten, these compact plants are happy to dry out and can live in a dark place.

“There’s not much you can do with this plant, so it’s pretty much indestructible.”

Succulents are also a great option for those who want to add color to their home, without requiring a lot of maintenance.

This includes Aloe, which needs bright light to survive and infrequent watering.

They grow extremely slowly and therefore do not need to be repotted, allowing owners to forget about them.

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