Expert advice on whether your plants need water

AN expert shared his top tips on caring for a plant – from how to tell if your plants need water to an “old age” test to help them during the cold winter months.

Houseplant expert Silver Spence revealed that she learned the old trick from loved ones and was meant to help those who don’t know how to take care of their plants.


An expert shared his advice on how to take care of a plantCredit: Getty

Silver, who is the CEO of independent indoor plant site Friends or Friends, explained the best way to take care of your plants in winter.

She told the Express, “First of all, you need to reduce the watering by about 50%.

“If you watered once a week, you can now water every 14 days – at least.

“But the best way to do that is if you have a plant, it’s really healthy for you to have contact with the plant.

“It’s so that you can check the lower leaves and make sure there aren’t any bugs there.”

“You can make sure that if there’s something the plant is trying to tell you, you can find out.

“The secondary part is when you pick the plant up you can feel how heavy it is when watered.

“Then when it dries, or as it dries, it changes weight. “

Silver added that some people choose to literally weigh their plants using scales and track their weight.

She said, “We give this advice to people who are quite nervous about this situation.

“About overwatering if it’s too heavy or if they don’t know how to weigh the plant, they’ll literally water the plant and then weigh it.

“Then they will write it down in their factory diary.

“It’s something that a lot of plant-loving people use.

“Weighing the plant is the best option because you can see how light the soil will be. “

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