The three things that happen when you choose your credit card wrong

Credit cards must be chosen carefully. It’s not about accepting by accepting or leaving with the first option they offered you. These instruments are good for our finances and help us develop our credit history; Currently, there are many cards in the market, all with different conditions, created for different profiles.

If we choose a card that does not agree with our profile

We cannot take advantage of it and we will end up having a bad experience. Exactly, what could happen with a credit card that is not ideal for us? We leave you three situations:

You cannot take advantage of benefits that match your profile

Each plastic brings very beneficial things that you can take advantage of, but the truth is that not everyone will serve you. By choosing at random, you miss those that have something good for you. For example, if you are not a person who travels a lot, a card that accumulates miles will not be useful. On the other hand, if you constantly visit discos and bars, a card that offers discounts on the latter, will be the one that goes with you.

You spend more on interest

If you do not compare the interest rates or inform yourself about which cards you have pre approved and only choose based on the propaganda or experience of others, you lose the opportunity to obtain a plastic with a more comfortable rate, which implies that , if you usually finance your purchases in installments, you will be paying more in interest.

You put your finances in danger

Not only because you get more expensive, but because you could be assuming additional costs such as membership, insurance, etc., which on other cards could be eliminated. To risk being late in payments is to risk your history and your finances.

But how do you know which card goes best with your profile? Basically, compare the options in Thomas Bigger and verify not only which are the ones with the lowest rates and most benefits, but also if you have any pre-approved ones.

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